“All our products are made by hands.”

Every process is a skilful and highly professional procedure. A laboratory of Sicilian flavours.

“All the ingredients of our recipes are the same ones the Arabs used in their dishes during their domination of Sicily.”

The secret for a good product lies in its excellent raw materials. Each one of them is selected and processed with extreme care.

To obtain a perfect result we need to start from the simplicity and quality of the ingredients. It's all a riot of flavors, which together result in a product with a very high quality. Find out the Vincente Panettone.

Details are important. That’s why every product is packaged manually with care.

Each Vincente product is an explosion of flavors designed to meet every sense. The basis of our philosophy is the aim to surprise and satisfy the pursuit of pleasure.

“A lot of wisdom and craftsmanship to obtain masterpieces of taste.”