“You’re on Etna,
the mother of all adventures.”


The soil nourished by volcanic ash is perfect for growing this energetic fruit
with a distinctive flavour that makes it unique in the world.

“Bronte territory is an extraordinary combination of pistachio plants and lava soil.”

  • 1% of world production

    Italian pistachio production is a niche of excellence that represents only 1% of world production.

  • 4.000 hectares

    4,000 hectares of volcanic soil out of the 25,000 hectares of the Bronte territory are dedicated to grow pistachios.

  • 2 years

    Pistachio plants produce every two years. This is because they are left to rest for one year so that they can bear heavier crops the next one.


Everything is done manually using only "sacchine" (sack-shaped containers) and a few drops of olive oil to remove the resin from fingers.

“Pistachios are harvested in August using traditional techniques even today.”



In Bronte, the pistachio plant is also known as spaccasassi (rock breaker).

Its extremely deep roots can make their way through lava rocks and even break them.